Benner图书馆 & Resource Center is a center of scholarly resources, current technology and a knowledgeable staff ready to promote student success, academic excellence and lifelong learning. 自1956年以来, the library has carried the distinction of being a Selective Government Depository 图书馆‚ receiving a select core list of government publications. First known as Memorial 图书馆, the original building was completed in 1956 and was expanded in 1975. In 2008, Benner underwent significant renovations to meet the needs of today, 学习者, including the addition of a coffee shop and several student work stations. University Archives houses a rich collection of documents, 书, 手稿, 照片, audio and video tapes, memorabilia and official papers relating to the University, Church of the Nazarene and the Kankakee area. The Archives collects and preserves artifacts and information from the University‚ past to help create a vibrant future. Serious researchers may consult the collections by requesting an appointment one week in advance. Benner includes the following areas—Lower level: Department of Information Technology‚ Help Desk, 媒体服务, General Purpose [quiet computer] Lab, Periodical Collection; Main floor: Center for Academic Success, 咖啡店, 参考桌子, University Archives, Fishbowl group study room, Instruction [computer] Lab; Second floor: Audiovisual Resources, Curriculum Center, Juvenile Collection, Ellison die-cut machine, Circulating Collection (Social 科学 only); Third floor: Religion Room, ultra quiet study area, Government Documents, majority of the Circulating Collection.